【For medical institutions】 Telemedicine adoption support services

DX Platform
We dispatch dedicated medical consultants, DX Office Managers, to medical institutes that intend to digitalize services. With a team that includes a marketer and an engineer, we provide total support for medical institutions in the adoption of a telemedicine support system and the use of a telemedicine team.

Structure of
Medical Strategy
to promote DX of medical institutions

We provide support through human resources with DX promotional staff dedicated to medical institutions, DX Office Manager, the members who provide support, and the online medical team to implement true digitalization for medical institutions. We continue to provide support by combining appropriate solutions according to each medical institution, including support for the introduction of digital healthcare services for customers through telemedicine, as well as the operational improvement of administrative departments and online publicity and advertisements for the community.

Medical institution
Medical institution
DX Office Manager dedicated<br class='dSp'>to your institution
DX Office Manager dedicated
to your institution

Asking for requests
and advice

DX Total

Basic services

Contact us if you have any of the following issues.

  • We want to digitalize the hospital to improve efficiency.

  • We do not know with whom we can consult regarding hospital digitalization.

  • We want to review our profit and cost structures to improve the number of patients.

  • We want to provide education on digitalization to healthcare professionals.


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